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Rev Kim

Sounds like a great time! I find myself so inspired when I talk with people who are excited about the things that we could be doing here. Ever since hearing that there area great deal of high school aged women who drop out of high school to have babies, I've wanted to develop an outreach to them. So far it's in the "yes, that would be nice" stage (I'm thinking similar to your "ho-hum" stage). I'm reading Diana Butler Bass's book "Christianity for the Rest of Us", and she talks about how with the "vital" congregations she studied (and vitality had nothing to do with numbers), hospitality was an important part of their ministry. And not just welcoming newcomers at the door hospitality, but deep-down, welcoming the stranger hospitality. Some of the people in the congregations talked about how scary and risky that was and still is for them, yet how much their faith has grown because of it. Guess these are things we can be praying for!

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    Richard Rodriguez: Brown: The Last Discovery of America
    Richard Rodriguez was keynote speaker at our Diocesan convention last year and he was amazing. This book is like poetry, and thus not always easy to read, but important and thought-provoking. You might have caught RR on PBS; he does video essays for the News Hour, I think. A prophetic voice and, incidentally, a very nice and humble man.